Welcome to the colourful and unusual world of Fraochy Bay, a funny wee place nestling somewhere on the west coast of Scotland, located just off the map. It's full of slightly odd people doing slightly odd things as they live out their surreal lives, anything can happen and frequently does.

Numerous questions arise during the series. Questions like, Do sheep have something against the police? or, Is a whale really that keen on saving lobsters? or even, can an aeroplane really land on a runway like that?

If you like Dinosaurs, archaeology, architecture, police car chases, old ladies with unusual hairdo's, cowboy builders, bad poetry, ships and whaling adventures, chickens, dentists, hospitals and philosophy then do call by....

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21st December 2009 7:52pm

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Fraochy Bay is a fictional place and not based on anywhere in particular. Any resemblance to any persons alive or dead is entirely coincidental and highly improbable actually.

Fraochy Bay is a gaelic cartoon, but it does have english bits in it and is sub-titled for the hard of understanding.

As Torquil Farquhar de Smith would say

Ah, the wonderful hills of Fraochy Bay,
They lurch and swell each day,
Like a large belly, full of potatoes
After a good bowl of stew,
They lumber, roll and
dander down,
until they reach the edge of
Fraochy Bay, a town.

No sheep were harmed during the making of this programme. (except this one)

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